T.o.T. nicht tot!


The train of thought blog isn’t dead! This is the good news. The bad: we (the writers) are all busy with the stuff we do beside listening to good music and posting some awesome news for you 😉 Because of this, the site has become a bit dusty, but we’ll try to keep things working. So, today we will probably break the mark of 1000 visitors, so i think it’s time to present you some new stuff, some free goodies.
I wanna introduce to you the new video production from Ohmegga Whatts and Jneiro Jarel, who work together on a track called „Eyes and ears“. The song comes with a fresh beat, a funny video, and good mic skills. Thanks to freshselects.

The next thing is some german old school stuff i found on the internet yesterday. The group is called „Wahre Schule“ and they released some music in the ninetees. Fans from Too Strong, Advanced Chemistry and so on should listen to it immediatly! I highly recommend „Tellin Me Dis“ and „Versbrecher“ ! Here you can download a lot of tracks: click here btw: the mc sometimes sounds like toni l 😉

You know Albino? He’s a MC from north germany with conscious lyrics and beautifully arranged beats in his backpack. He already released some albums on which he worked together with Torch, Madcap or Nemo for example and he is back with a new homepage, where you can download some nice tracks. !!! click here!!! in my opinion the tracks on his albums are even better tracks than these free tracks, but anyway, it’s worth listening!
And then there’s a video from Albinos new album!!! The track is great, the video is the shit. He’s rapping in the „Pumpe“, the club of my youth in Kiel City!!! Yeah, that’s great! At the end some of the finest cuts ever from Dan! Download the video for „Open Endhere!!!!!. Albino is getting better and better each day!

I hope you don’t need to wait until christmas for the next update on our page 😉 Just keep visiting our site, we’re are very thankful for every support and every comment. Give us some feedback! I mentioned it above, today we reach the 1000 visitors mark, but we received perhaps 5 comments in the last few months, so we don’t know if you appreciate our work, if you like our posts and info or if you don’t care…. let us know…that could also be some motivation for us to go on browsing the internet and our brains for you to present you some selected train of thought shit!


Eine Antwort zu “T.o.T. nicht tot!

  1. ich für meinen teil weiß es zu schätzen …

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