Bike For Three! in the reMIX !


Hey guys,
here’s something interesting i don’t want you to miss: two new remixes, Thavius Beck reinvents the track „Lazarus Phenomenon“ from the new BFT! LP „More Heart Than Brains“. Second, Greeting From Tuskan, the second half of BFT! remixes the Buck65 Track „Way Back Than“ from his last solo lp called „Solution“. So enjoy those tracks and if you haven’t do so before. If You haven’t listened to „More Heart Than Brains“ yet, do so immediatly, it’s wonderful. Here you can read a review in german: Guess who’s the enthusiastic author ;-)… so keep on listening to gooood music y’all.

Lazarus Phenomenon (Thavius Beck Remix)

Way Back When (Greeting From Tuskan Remix)

The Bike For Three! Review


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